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Welcome to the Blog of the Dance of the Deer Foundation – Center for Shamanic Studies.  This is a resource for anyone looking to learn more about spirituality, the power of nature and our relationship to it.  Brant Secunda, the founder of the Foundation, offers precious nuggets of knowledge and recounts the amazing events of his life.  A number of his students contribute to this blog, creating a diverse outlook on Brant’s retreats, teachings and the places of power around the world to which he travels.

Huichol Shamanism – a Healing Tradition

Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. Ceremony, sacred dance and pilgrimages to places of power in nature are all essential aspects of Shamanism. Through these techniques the shamanic circle embraces us, unifying our lives with strength, healing and love.

The Huichol Indians

The Huichol Indians are a small tribe of approximately 15,000 living in central Mexico near Ixtlan in the Sierra Madre Mountains. They are said to be the last tribe in North America to have maintained their pre-Columbian traditions. Huichol shamans and healers practice today as they have for generations. In part, their survival is due to the focus of their traditions.

Spiritual Retreats Worldwide

Immerse yourself in the world of Huichol Indian Shamanism and find new inspiration and direction for your life. At the heart of Huichol Shamanism is retreat and journey to sacred places of power. Develop a profound connection to the natural world when you join Brant Secunda at spectacular and powerful places on earth. Learn to make healing prayers for yourself, your communities, and our world. Follow the ancient Huichol tradition and honor Mother Earth and all of the ancient ones when you give your offerings of love in exchange for blessings of health and well-being.

We invite you to join us, quiet your mind, heal your body and empower your soul.

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